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Shop Fit-Outs Canberra

Your retail space can make or break your business, which is why we take our shop fit-outs so seriously. At Shance Constructions Canberra we can fit out your retail or service shop with everything you need for a stylish and functional retail space.

Think about when you first walk into a store. What makes you want to stay? Lights that are too bright, or poorly designed shelving and bottle-necked customers may be just some of the reasons that have you heading for the door. Shance Constructions Canberra consult with interior designers and marketing experts before we come up with a design plan for your shop fitting. With more and more people choosing to buy online instead of at a shop, you need to make your business somewhere that people will want to spend time. You need to be worth the effort, and understand what your customers are looking for in a retail space.

Setting up a new shop needs to be affordable

Often shop fit-outs come at a time when your business can afford it the least. With our Price Guarantee, you'll be protected from hidden fees

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What do you get with the Canberra shop fit-outs service offered by Shance Constructions? Basically, you get a customised design plan for your shop fit-out, a project management strategy about how to make it happen, and the full installation of the equipment and items laid out in your design. After thoroughly inspecting your space with our in house interior designer, we will consult with our marketing and building experts to figure out how we can make the most of your space. Your design will include all the equipment, fixtures and fittings you will need to seamlessly run your business. As a shop fitter, we will execute planning, design the shop layout and install all of the necessary equipment.

This can mean installing a light display, mirrors, shelving, change rooms, a heating/cooling system to keep your customers comfortable, and creating the best kitchen for your business. We will also help you with all the fittings that will add to your space, from mounting television screens and art on the walls, to fitting the carpets and whatever else your customised design calls for. We cater to both small and large retail spaces alike, and we can do shop fittings for every type of business. From a tiny coffee shop to a large supermarket - either way, you'll be assured of a job done to the highest professional standards.