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Home Extensions Canberra

Getting an extension for your home is the perfect option for those who want a little more space, but don't want to move. Your family may be growing and you need the extra room, or you may simply want to add market value to your property. Whatever your situation, Shance Constructions Canberra can help you build your bigger home with minimal fuss at a great price.

The builder that has worked in and around Canberra for many years with local suppliers and local tradies.

A home extension has many advantages. Not only do you get more space and more market value, but it's a much less disruptive process than moving house or going through the whole knock down and rebuild process. If you are busy with work or school commitments, getting a home extension allows you to stay put while the new part of your home is being created. It's a much less disruptive process than a lot of options, especially for families with school age children. Not to mention the market value increase that comes with an extra bedroom or living area!

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You may think that building an extension is an easier process than building an entirely new home, but home extensions can actually become quite a lot more complex than you might expect. An extension requires your builder to deal with each task by its own accord. That's why it's worth going with a company that has years of experience.

Shance Constructions know all there is to know about home extensions in Canberra. There are numerous structural and compliance needs that your extension requires in order to meet local building regulations. These structural and compliance issues are always being updated by building associations such as the Master Builders Association (MBA) and the Housing Industry Assocation (HIA). Shance are always in liaison with these organisations to ensure all home extensions are above board.

Why use Shance Constructions?

Our proprietor Ashton Ayat has over 20 years' experience in the building and construction industry. He is able to advise on how to get your home extension done the right way so that it complies with all relevant building regulations. This not only ensures that your extension will be completed to the highest standards possible, but that your building application will be passed by your local Canberra council. Ashton is able to oversee each task, and make sure everything runs smoothly.