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Knockdown Rebuild Canberra

Sometimes it's best to knock everything down and start all over again. A knockdown rebuild in Canberra lets you keep that great location you love, and build a great property at the same time. Why look for a new home when you can just improve it?

At Shance Constructions Canberra, we have extensive experience in construction procedures. Because we have handled so many complex construction jobs, knockdown rebuild jobs are part and parcel of what we do. The Proprietor Ashton Ayat has worked in the building and construction industry for more than 20 years, and has the knowledge to oversee that your knockdown rebuild is done right.

Our Technical knowledge allows for immidiate attention to your project which is to be handled without fuss or loss of time/ finance to the client.

We have put together our own skilled team of Tradies who are experienced and work well together. This ensures your job gets done as soon as possible with the job that has specific requirements. 

Shance Constructions Canberra we build on reputation of quality work & engege experts for the task at hand so that the job will be done in a timely fashion and top quality.

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A knockdown rebuild can be an ideal way for you to create your dream home, but it's also a strategy that many people use for real estate investment. You may have stumbled across a property in a winning location, but the home itself has been very poorly looked after, and is damaged almost beyond repair. By knocking it down and starting all over again, you could create a property with a much higher market value than the original. You could also use this as a chance to develop even more dwellings, so more people can enjoy the great location. The choice is yours.

At Shance Constructions you can trust that we will offer the best price possible, as well as extensive consultations with you to ensure we are all on the same page about what you want. You will also get access to your builder so that you can be in the loop about your building project's progress, as well as our ethical Price Guarantee. This ensures you will never be charged over the agreed upon price unless both parties think there needs to be more work done.